AMS360: Customer setup instructions

Loop Communications will need the following information to setup your Connectwise integration:

  • API Login ID
  • API Password
  • Agency Number

Instructions to create a Web Service API Account

Under Administration -> Web Service API, click "New" and create an account with the following settings:

  • Web Service Application = Custom
  • Login ID = Loopcom
  • Data Security Based on “Entity Access Security Only”
  • Entity Access, click Retrieve for Customer, CustomerContact, and Search
  • Enter a password and record it to send to Loop Communicationsmceclip1.png
  • For additional information, consult the Vertafore API documentation

Instructions to get Agency Number

  • Go to Administration -> Agency Overview -> Edit Agency
  • Agency Number is the field labeled “Agency”mceclip2.png

Send API Login ID, API Password, and Agency Number to Loop Communications for setup

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