Accessing Voicemail Quick Start Guide

Loop Voicemail is accessible via multiple paths. This article will address each method by specific sections.


Physical Phone

  1. Press the Voicemail button on the phone. This can vary by model but is usually indicated by an envelope icon. For example:     mail.png
  2. If prompted enter your voicemail password.
  3. Press "1" for new messages.
  4. Press "5" to repeat the message, "7" to delete the message, "8" to forward the message to another user or "9" to save the message.
  5. Hang up and celebrate your amazing productivity and empty Voicemail box.


Portal Access

  1. Your organization has a unique address that is specific for you! It should look something like (If you are not sure of the address, give us a shout at 800-586-0321 or and one of the team members will be happy to help.)
  2. Once you are on the correct site enter your credentials. If you are unsure of your password, click on "Forgot Password?" link and a reset link will be emailed to you. mceclip0.png
  3. The Voicemail tab allows you to view, listen and manage your voicemail settings.

    • For each voicemail we can see the following:
      • Date/Time- Date/Time voicemail was left
      • CID- Caller ID of who left the voicemail if supplied
      • Playback - Ability to playback the recording in the browser
      • Duration- Length in Mins and Seconds of the message
      • Controls- For each message we can choose any of the following Controls
    Click this icon to have the voicemail call your phone and immediately playback
    Forward this voicemail to another mailbox
    Download the voicemail message onto your computer
    Delete the voicemail message from the system.


    • On the left side are a list of folders that voicemails can be moved to.  Clicking on any folder will bring up the voicemails inside that folder.
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