Creating Scheduled Reports in Stats

Creating Scheduled Reports



  1. Login to the Stats portal with the URL/Username/Password provided by LOOP support
  2. Once logged in, click on the Setup tab and select Schedules/Alerts
    1. Please write down destination emails:  Add the desired email addresses, separate with a comma
    2. Please select the reports to send: Click on “Select Option” and select desired reports
    3. Select the queues: Click on “Select Option” and select desired queues
    4. From the last (x) days: Click on the box and select the desired amount of days to include in the report
    5. Including Today:  Check box if you want the current day or the report to be included
    6. Month days: If you wish to run the report on specific monthly days, add numeric values with commas separating each day.
    7. Week days: Click on “Select Option” to specify week days for report to run
    8. Hours: Click on “0. . . 23” to type desired hours using 24hr format. Separate with commas is multiple hours are desired
    9. Minutes: DO NOT USE
    10. Active: Check the Active box
    11. Click the Save button
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