User Control Panel

Logging In


  • You will be provided a portal location which will look like: where the underline represents the name of the server
  • Enter your extension number and assigned password


Update User Settings / Change Password


  • Click on the gear in the top right, then select settings
  • You can change your control panel password
  • You can also enter your name and email

Call History


  • Click on “Call History” on the left navigation, then select the extension
  • You can view history for each extension you have access to
  • You can search the history using the search bar in the top right


Call Forwarding


  • Select “Endpoint Settings” in the left nav, then select the extension
  • You have three options for call forwarding. Select the option and then enter the 10 digit number to forward to
    • Unconditional (always forward, your desk phone will not ring)
    • Unavailable (after ringing, if there is no answer)
    • Busy (if you are on the phone)
  • You can enable and disable call forwarding at any time by checking/unchecking the boxes

View Voicemails

  • Select “Voicemail” in the left nav, then select extension
  • You will see all of your current voicemails in the table to the right where you can perform the following actions using the icons in the Controls column
    • Play voicemail
    • Download voicemail
    • Delete voicemail


Voicemail to Email / Voicemail Password


  • Select “Settings” from within Voicemail Section
  • You can update your Voicemail PIN / Password
  • You can enter / update an email address for sending your voicemails to email


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