FOP2 Chrome Extension Installation

If the FOP2 web interface is enabled on your account, you also have access to the FOP2 Chrome Extension. To install this feature in Google Chrome, please do the following:

You will need the following information:

Username: Ext #
Password: current password

To install the extension, users will need to navigate to the following website.


1. Click on FOP2 Extension
2. Click on "Add to Chrome"

Once the extension has been installed, users will notice a small telephone in the top right corner of their Chrome browser.  They will need to setup the extension by doing the following:

3. Click on the phone and select Options.
4. Under General Settings, ensure "Clickable Numbers" is toggled to yes. 
5. Under the Connection Settings, delete the current settings for FOP2 Server and add the the IP address for your instance of FOP2. Note: You can get this information by emailing [email protected]
6. In the Extension box, the user needs to add their extension number
7. In the Password box, add your current password
8. Click the Save button

This concludes the FOP2 extension setup. Please make a test call after the install.