Sangoma Connect Operation and Customization

Basic Usage

After logging in using your Sangoma Connect link, you will notice 4 icons either at the top or bottom of your phone screen.


  • The Star Icon is for saving favorites or “speed dials”
    • By pressing the + symbol you can add favorites from you contacts list
      • Title: Add the name of the contact
      • Number or SIP address: add phone or extension number
      • Busy Lamp Field: Toggle on for extension presence indication
    • The Clock icon is a call history
      • You can view and redial calls previously called or received from this window
    • The Digits icon is for manual dialing
      • Dial a 10 digit number then press the green icon to initiate the call
    • The Person icon is a list of your contacts
      • Dial anyone who has been assigned to your contacts by LOOP from this screen. If someone needs added, contact LOOP support.


  • Locate and press the three vertical dots to access the app options
  • Press Preferences
    • Ringtone: Can be adjusted to be unique to in app calls
    • Call Recording: Leave as default, call recording is handled at the server level. Contact LOOP regarding call recording
    • Sound: Access to turn on echo cancellation and noise suppression if needed. You are also able to adjust microphone volume
    • Do not Disturb(DND): Use to setup rules for when your phone should NOT ring. This will only set DND for the application and not your regular extension
  • There are several other customization options within preferences, we recommend reaching out to LOOP support ( before making any other changes.

If you have any other questions regarding the Sangoma Connect app, please contact LOOP Support

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