CRM popup setup: FOP2 chrome extension

This requires the FOP2 chrome extension to be installed.  Please click here for installation instructions: FOP2 Chrome Extension Installation

Click on the FOP2 icon in the top right corner of chrome, select options and then popup settings

  1. Set Call Popup = "Yes"
  2. Select a desired Popup duration in seconds
  3. Popup Link: This is provided to you by Loop Communications.  Email 
  4. Click to Open Popup: Set to "Yes" if you want to click to open the contact page.  Set to "No" if you want the contact page to always open on inbound calls

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If the popups are not appearing, sometimes Windows will hide the notifications in the notification center on the bottom right of the taskbar.  If you click on the notification center and clear all google chrome notifications, the next popup should appear
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