Polycom Factory Reset and Provisioning

Polycom Provisioning

The purpose of this document is to detail out the process of factory resetting and provisioning a Polycom device. When transitioning a company to our phone system, the phone will need to be factory reset before being provisioned to our server.


Factory Resetting Polycom Device


  1. Turn off phone
  2. Power phone back up and wait for the Welcome screen.
  3. As soon as Welcome displays, press and hold down  * If you see "loading application" and no countdown on your screen, select "cancel"and you'll be able to see the countdown. 
    • SoundPoint IP 320, 321, 330. 331, 335, 430, and 450, SoundStation IP 5000 and 7000 and Soundstation Duo: press and hold the 1, 3, 5, and 7 keys
    • For SoundPoint IP 301, 501, 550, 600, 601, and 650 and VVX 1500: press and hold the 4, 6, 8, * keys
    • For SoundStation IP 6000: 6, 8 and * dial pad keys
    • For VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, and 600: press and hold the dial pad keys 1, 3, 5 keys
  1. Only release the combination once the phone prompts you for the password
    • Password should be the MAC address of the device


The phone will reboot after the password




  1. Locate the IP address of the phone by doing the following:
  2. Press Menu > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters, the IP address will be prefixed with IP:
  3. Navigate to the IP address using your preferred web browser.
  4. Default password should be 456. (If previously provisioned by LOOP, password = 222222)
  5. Once logged in, mouse over Settings and click Provisioning Server
  6. Select HTTP for Server Type
  7. Input server IP address for Server Address (Example: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:84)
  8. Click SAVE


The phone will automatically reboot

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